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Championship-Winning, Chris McGee 12.90 Engine

"For years there has been a mentality that all you need for the 12.90 class is a lawnmower engine (usually unbalanced) converted to alcohol and a stack of weight to dial it. When I entered the 12.90 class with my daughter, I soon realized that you really need the same quality parts that you would expect, and need, in the faster classes to win races. Equipped with state-of-the-art engines, quality clutches and modern chassis, our two-car team won seven 'Wallys' in the 12.90 class." ... Chris McGee

Since then other race teams have asked me to build these engines for them too. My 12.90 engines have now won Division 7 titles with Trevor Mitchell, "Bubby" Klutz, Ashlee Morris and Caden Willet (with Ashlee’s engine!). Across the country other teams have discovered this technology that has been dominating the West and now my engine's success has spread nationwide thanks to Cole Woods, Mary Ella McClain, Nick Rendo, Mackenzie Butler, Lexy Head, Austin Carden, and WCF winner Rocky McLain Jr. On the west coast we continue to dominate with Evan Kowalski, Lexi McKinney, Kaitlyn Sevolt, Jonathon Huse, Drew Upton and Joey Leal.

The biggest reason for our success was our small-bore, 12.90 Chris McGee racing engine. Starting with a Blockzilla-style block we designed and built a true, small-displacement racing engine with the correct proportions and the finest parts available. We also built a special, small-bore carburetor using a proven 33mm-style carburetor as the foundation. These engines run at their optimum performance level on a 12.90 second pass and are far more consistent than any other engine in the class today. Plus teams find these engines help their drivers cut much better lights! One of the most flattering endorsements is that other engine builders are now trying to copy our technology! However these imitators will never equal our performance as we continue to improve with each racing season.

12.90 engine12.90 block

This engine can be easily upgraded to an 8.90 engine when your driver graduates to Group 2.

The complete engine includes a small-bore, Blockzilla-style block with a McGee valve train, a special 24mm-bore, 33mm-style Mikuni carburetor and a 3-stage exhaust header.

Engine as described above:$2,595.00
 • Fuel Pump$28.00
 • Dual-girdle plate$125.00
 • Polar clutch set up for your car and driver$call

Short Stroke, 3" Bore Chris McGee Bracket Engine

The ultimate 8.90 bracket engine!

"Start out right the first time. Our block is better engineered than any other block out there. The camshaft is moved for added strength. The crankcase is designed for better oil control. Standard equipment on our engines is 5/16th lifters, 1" springs, and 7mm titanium valves. This combination has won championships from coast to coast and has proven to be the most consistent engine in its class. Teams have discovered that the top end charge seen with these engines makes them the "King of Wheel Racing". With an abundance of power on tap, these engines excel at higher elevation tracks where a .190 over engine comes up short." ... Chris McGee

Complete, race-ready 8.90 moved-cam engine with a .200 or .400 crank,
33mm Mikuni carburetor, 3-stage exhaust header
 • Fuel Pump$28.00
 • Dual-girdle plate$125.00
 • Polar clutch set up for your car and driver$call

3" x 3" Chris McGee Bracket Engine

7.90 engine for light car/ driver package

Our complete 3" bore x 3" stroke bracket package includes 3" bore block, radius lifter moved cam McGee valve train, 35mm Mikuni carburetor, and 3 stage exhaust header.


This engine can be easily upgraded to a 3 ¼" bore if you need it.

7.90 3" x 3" engine, 35mm Mikuni carburetor, 3-stage exhaust header$3,595.00
 • Fuel Pump$28.00
 • Dual-girdle plate$125.00
 • Billet crank (upgrade)$125.00
 • Polar clutch set up for your car and driver$call

3 ¼" - 3 5/16" Bore Chris McGee Bracket Engine

The most popular engine in the pits!

This engine is the choice of champions from coast to coast. It has the finest parts available.

This engine can be easily upgraded to a 3 ½" bore if you need it.

Complete engine, 35mm Mikuni carburetor, 3-stage exhaust header$3,995.00
 • Fuel Pump$28.00
 • Dual-girdle plate$125.00
 • 42mm Mikuni carburetor (upgrade)$125.00
 • Polar clutch set up for your car and driver$call

3 ½" Bore Chris McGee Bracket Engine

An engine with power to spare!

Heavy Package? High altitude? Muffler? Then this is your answer. When you plug in the starter, those around you will know that you have a 3 ½! Our engines use the strongest block in the industry, which allows us to use a 1" journal crank, our exclusive, unbreakable cam and a heavy-duty rod.


Complete Package, including a 42mm Mikuni carburetor and
3-stage exhaust header
 • Fuel Pump$28.00
 • 3 ¾" bore (upgrade)$200.00
 • Polished engine package$call
 • Polar clutch set up for your car and driver$call

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